​Tee Shirts!
Email us your contact information, design, how many and the size, and we will have them for you at our next scheduled convention.  Or we can mal them to you.
Sizes:    Childrens - small, medium, large and extra large
Adults - small, medium, large, XL, 2XL,3XL, 4XL and most designs 5XL
Convention Pick Up:  $23
Mailed:  $23 plus S&H ($7.15).
More Designs COMING SOON!
           Bergsma Dolphins            Butterfly Kittens                           Asian Lion                               Witching Hour
Shaman Bear                                  Green Man                       A Brush With Magic               Adventure Wolf

Dragon and Wolf                       Red Dragon                            Harbringer of Fire                    Yin Yang Wolves
               Angel Rose                         Ravens                                    Snowy Owls                                 Spellkeeper
Snapped Dragons
Curious Creation

Anubis Warrior
Armed Forces
Body Armour
Circle of Life